Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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As required by FTC, I reveal that I make money through pop-under ads that appear under your browser plus numerous products that are displayed. 
  Links to retail items I provide through thumbnail images originate from Viglink - As I don't own an online store, I can't have you pay more for these items than you would pay otherwise.  
To ensure you only see reputable software and other special products, I read reviews on these items before displaying them on banners through my affiliation with One Network Direct.

Should you trust me enough to email me? Your information won't be sold.

Rules for Comments: Do I want the comments field filled with visitor input? Yes. I'll make your comment go live within hours of submission if it's relevant, clean and in English.

To me, tennis is a special sport I derive a lot of fun from. If you take the way you play seriously while still having fun, you'll be back on serve as you get more opportunity to hit with others. My mission is to advance your tennis game through free tips. 

I've been playing for over 20 years and want to pass on what I know. How far you go is in your control. If you use the wrong techniques, you'll have a hard time being good enough to get many people to play with you. 

When I started out, few would hit with me let alone take a few seconds to teach me what to do and it wasn't until 1997 when someone at the courts explained what I had to do better than anyone else had ever done - I vowed to never be so cold to others the way most other players were to me.  

Using the proper techniques will enable you to go a long way. The more you play and play the right way, the better you'll be. How can you become good and get others to play with you? Ways to improve your tennis skills are discussed on homepage.

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