Saturday, April 14, 2018

Definitions for Tennis Terms

Besides knowing how to play tennis, it helps to know the terms when you play a set or match. Below are definitions for the plays/terms:

Love means zero in a game - the score goes from 0 to 15 to 30 to 40 then game over. Deuce means the score in a game is tied at 40 each - in this case, a player must get 2 straight points to win the game. 

A let means the served ball has touched the net then landed in the server's box. If a let occurs on your first serve, you get two more serves. If a let occurs on your second serve, you get one more serve - there's no limit on lets in a game. 

A fault means the ball hits the net but doesn't land in the server's box on the serve. A foot fault means one of your feet crosses the baseline while serving.

How a tiebreaker is played: It begins with the player who didn't last serve when the set was tied up 6-6 serving to the server's box on the right side. After a point is made, each player gets 2 serves (the first to the left server's box then a serve to the right server's box). This game must be won by 2 straight points; i.e. no player can win 7 points to 6 points. The rules apply to doubles too.

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