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1. Hitting once or twice a week in the regular season will keep your arm warm and help you stay sharp. 
● Hit balls over the net then off the backboard if nobody else is around.

2. Besides all players not wanting balls left on the court, many want the ball to come back past the server's line.

● Swing as hard as it takes to hit the ball between that line and the baseline. 

3. Before your opponent hits the ball, stand with your knees bent and your feet parallel to each other. 
● If the ball comes to your right side, turn around with your left foot out in front and your right foot many inches behind it then hit the ball. 
● Do the opposite if the ball comes to your left side. 

4. Using a 12:00 to 10:00 forehand stroke 
● To hit the ball, come up the front side of the ball with your racket head then bring it all the way to your opposite shoulder - using this method will produce natural topspin and make you better overall.

5. Using upside-down rainbow motion for the backhand

● Use a long one-handed swing similar to drawing a U to hit the ball on your backhand side.

6. Staying sharp on all of your shots & other skills
● Work on everything to avoid going stale.
● Even if you don't play many games, it helps to practice hitting slices, spin balls and other shots at least once per year.  
● Don't worry about practicing your serve with your partner - after all, it's not uncommon for some players to work on their serves when hitting for practice with others.

7. How body weight is crucial to serving 
● Simply standing upright won't likely help your serve.
● A key component to serve success is leaning forward in order to put more of your body weight into your serve.
● Even if you don't prefer to do it in general, leave the option of using a jump serve in which you jump a few feet off the court to hit the ball into the server's box on the table - this can come in handy on any given day.

8. How to serve with power 
● The video above demonstrates how to serve with enormous power. 
● Although I have a long way to go, I bend my knees with my racket head over my head then put as much shoulder and wrist as possible into the serve. 

9. How to baffle with your serve 
● Put different spins, speeds and movement on the ball.
● If you have different methods, vary the times you use them.

10. Keeping balls from going over backboard
●  Tired of retrieving balls when hitting against the backboard?
●  Hitting balls when they are barely above the ground is another good way to avoid hitting them over the fence besides standing close to the wall and hitting the ball when it's several inches off the ground.

11. How to not lunge
● Don't get caught flat-footed reaching for the ball; instead, move your feet and take that extra step before stopping to hit the ball after running forward or laterally.

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I've been playing for over 20 years and want to pass on what I know. How far you go is in your control. If you use the wrong techniques, you'll have a hard time being good enough to get many people to play with you. 

When I started out, few would hit with me let alone take a few seconds to teach me what to do and it wasn't until 1997 when someone at the courts explained what I had to do better than anyone else had ever done - I vowed to never be so cold to others the way most other players were to me.  

Using the proper techniques will enable you to go a long way. The more you play and play the right way, the better you'll be. How can you become good and get others to play with you? Ways to improve your tennis skills are discussed on homepage.

Definitions for Tennis Terms

Besides knowing how to play tennis, it helps to know the terms when you play a set or match. Below are definitions for the plays/terms:

Love means zero in a game - the score goes from 0 to 15 to 30 to 40 then game over. Deuce means the score in a game is tied at 40 each - in this case, a player must get 2 straight points to win the game. 

A let means the served ball has touched the net then landed in the server's box. If a let occurs on your first serve, you get two more serves. If a let occurs on your second serve, you get one more serve - there's no limit on lets in a game. 

A fault means the ball hits the net but doesn't land in the server's box on the serve. A foot fault means one of your feet crosses the baseline while serving.

How a tiebreaker is played: It begins with the player who didn't last serve when the set was tied up 6-6 serving to the server's box on the right side. After a point is made, each player gets 2 serves (the first to the left server's box then a serve to the right server's box). This game must be won by 2 straight points; i.e. no player can win 7 points to 6 points. The rules apply to doubles too.

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