Tuesday, August 15, 2017


1. Hitting once or twice a week in the regular season will keep your arm warm and help you stay sharp - hit balls over the net then off the backboard if nobody else is around. 

2. Besides everyone not wanting balls left on the court, some players want the ball to come back past the server's line - swing as hard as it takes to hit the ball between that line and the baseline.  

3. Before your opponent hits the ball, stand with your knees bent and your feet parallel to each other. If the ball comes to your right side, turn around with your left foot out in front and your right foot many inches behind it then hit the ball. Do the opposite if the ball comes to your left side.

4. Using a 12:00 to 10:00 stroke
 To hit the ball, raise your racket head over your head then bring the racket head toward the ground then bring it all the way to your opposite shoulder. The method I'm preaching applies to your forehand and backhand; however, you'll have more control over your backhand and produce more line drives by using a long one-handed swing similar to drawing a U.

5. On a forum, someone asked about flipping the racket when the ball approaches the backhand. There's no need to do this or flip your wrists or even change your hands, as you just need to use the hand you use to do other things; for example, if you're right-handed, simply use your right hand to bring your racket back across your upper body when the ball comes to your backhand side, or to the left of you. Speaking of being natural, always swing your racket smoothly and never force your body or your strokes.

6. How to toss the ball to serve
After raising your racket head over your head, toss the ball a few feet over your head then quickly strike the ball. By using a continental grip in which you hold your racket handle with your elbow around the 3:00 position and coming down the side of the ball, you can produce a fast serve with spin on the ball.

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